Top 8 – Questions & Answers

What must be considered during registration?

If you want to register with Hogoshop as a new customer, click on “Register” in the top right corner and enter your user data. We will then send you an e-mail to your specified e-mail address. By clicking on the confirmation link in the e-mail, your registration is complete.

What do I have to consider when logging in – what if I have forgotten my password?

Login is only possible with username and password. You can also log in directly on the website by entering your e-mail address and password. For user data, please pay attention to upper and lower case. A link to reset your password can be found below under “Lost your password?”.

KCan I reorder a product already received?

Yes, until 30days after order. Just go to “MY orders” and click on “reorder”.

Can I change the format or cover of an already designed product afterwards?

The change of the cover and format are possible in the online designer. Note that you may need to revise your design to do this.

How can I solve transfer problems when uploading my image files?

Here are several tips and settings on firewall, antivirus, etc., to help troubleshoot problems uploading from the computer.

How can I collect multiple products in the Hogoshop online shopping cart?

All products ordered via the Hogoshop online shopping cart can be collected there and ordered together.

Can I make subsequent changes to my order or separately order one order?

Subsequent changes to the order and a manual combination of different orders is not possible.

Why is my online shopping cart empty after the upload?

If the online shopping cart is empty after the upload of your product, please delete the temporary internet files and your browser history, close your browser.

Online Designer

What can I do if I have problems starting the online designer?

To get the most out of the online designer, make sure you are using the latest version of your browser and the latest Java version.

How long does the data of my projects stay stored?

The data of a project are stored for 60 days. Unless reopened / edited, they will be deleted after these 60 days.

How does connecting or disconnecting pages work?

Pages can be linked using the icon (two blank pages and two arrows). Disconnecting linked pages is done by clicking on the adjacent icon.

Order process & order status

WHow can I check if my order has been properly received by Hogoshop?

Go to www.hogoshop.com, log in with your user details, and check the status of your order under My Orders.

How can I view the status of my order?

You can see the status of your order under “My Orders”. For this you must be logged in with your user data.

How can I check if my order has already been shipped?

You will receive an e-mail notification as soon as your order is shipped. In addition, you can follow the status of your order at any time under “my orders”.

How long does the delivery of my order take?

General information on delivery and shipping can be found here and the respective production times can be found directly at the product.

Where can I find the shipping information from Hogoshop?

If your order is handed over to our shipping partner for delivery, you will receive an email.

Customer Service & Help

What can I do if I am not satisfied with my ordered products?

If you are not satisfied, please contact our customer service or e-mail us at info@hogoshop.com or you can use our contact form and then send the defective product including an exact note and the invoice and, if possible, the original one. Data on a disk by post to Hogoshop.

MMy order was delivered damaged. What should I do?

please contact our customer service or by e-mail at info@hogoshop.com or you use our contact form and then damaged orders please return in the original box to: Hogoshop. The damaged products will be re-produced for you.

Why do the colors of the finished product differ from the colors of the original?

Photobooks in digital printing, photo gifts and photo calendars may be subject to minor variations as these products are not printed but printed. Another reason for color deviations may be the misuse of the image enhancement.

What should I do if my delivery has arrived incomplete?

If your delivery has not been completely received, please contact our customer service or email us at info@hogoshop.com or use our contact form.

Registration & user account

How do I register a user account for free?

To register a user account, fill out the form under “Register” and then click on the confirmation link you will receive by e-mail.

I forgot my username / password: What can I do?

If you have forgotten your password and want to place a new one, click on “Forgot your password” at the bottom of the Services menu.

Where can I change my user data?

You can change your data under “my profile”. To do this, you must log in with your user data.

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

You can unsubscribe from the “My Profile” section or use the link in bottom of homepage.

How can I delete my customer account?

To delete your user account, please log in and go to the “My Profile” section. There you will find the link “delete my customer account” at the bottom.